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My son Jim age 43 took his life March 4 2019. It was a horrible death by hanging himself from a by pass bridge he helped build. Jim discovered y'all while incarcerated, I wrote the lyrics and sent them to him. Point to You. I would sing it to him so he had the beat of the song. Jim had come to except Jesus and attended church. Jim had a slight mental impairment which became worse in time. I'm đź’” thank you for Maybe It's Ok. I wish he could have heard it
Thank you so much for this song. I've struggled with depression for years now, and feel ashamed sometimes because it is obvious to people that I am religious. I still struggle with my struggle, but am learning to see God's plan for me in having depression as part of my cross.
Iv been married for 9 years out of those 9 years my husband was never faithful not a single day , cheated in every way possible . I found out last year if it wasn't for an old friend and her parents threw Jesus i would not be here my kids wouldn't have a family. My husband was saved by Jesus i was too. we are messengers helped me when i was crying and full of rage full of hate and unforgiveness ALL the songs spoke to my heart. If it wasn't for sound doctrine and biblical truth I would be lost
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I live in pain daily. I struggle with gastroparesis so my food doesn’t digest properly and I am nauseous regularly. July 10th I am having carpal tunnel surgery and August 29th I am having reconstructive ankle surgery including having an internal brace put in. I am struggling with the immense pain. My spouse is not supportive in most things but especially in medical things. I am exhausted yet have so many weeks until surgery and then a 12 week recovery.