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I was in the midst of an unbearable storm. It hit me fast and hard. All of the trauma was flooding out at once and I was screaming and crying and scared I wouldn't make it home. I was quickly approaching a bridge and knew where I needed to steer my car, and in that moment I turned my radio on and all the way up in an attempt not to come back to reality. Maybe it's ok, was playing and the first words I heard were the chorus. This song saved my life, literally...
I just came to say thank you to We are Messengers for this place for people to come to. Sometimes it can help just to verbalize what you are going through. Also, I saw you at a church concert and your stories and faith changed my life. Thank you so much for that.
My freshman year of college I received a message telling me that I was ugly,fat,manipulative,dramatic, useless,a waste of time and space,and everything else under the sun. It hit me hard I stopped eating, I went to the gym a lot,I distanced myself from everyone. I hated myself. But then I found myself going to God about it. I realized that no matter what God thinks I'm beautiful and loves me for me. This song came out a year after that and when I hear it, it reminds me it's okay to not be okay.
I have anxiety every day. I've learned to cope with it so no one sees me struggling but it still sucks. I want freedom from it so badly.
I struggle with anxiety and sometimes my stress can cause me to start to spiral into anxiety attacks. I am in ministry so sometimes it is a battle to be positive and share God's joy when I get this way, some days crippling ,htinking I am just going to fall apart. BUT GOD... I PRAY through it all and I trust God is fighting for me. I know He is with me, helping me. Thank you for letting me share with you, knowing I am not alone...