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My heart breaks for all the stories I've read, and I'm praying God shines His gracious light and love into your lives, and heals every single person. Read the Scriptures...let God Himself speak to u... The Psalms or the Gospels...
I feel like I am failing as a parent. I try to encourage my daughter and support her but it’s never enough. Am I enough?
I struggled with depression, C-PTSD, anorexia and OCD after being sexually abused for 8 years. But God is so mighty and good. He is with me in all the pain and hurt. Really saved by Grace. This song means the world to me. It's nu survival guide!
I grew up in an abusive "Christian" home. Always told I wasn't good enough, pretty enough, smart enough. Beaten, neglected, and ashamed. I clung to God to make it through. Later in life I had a child at 17. Married a man to escape one reality just to discover he was even more abusive (mentally). Cheated on him, got divorced, had an affair and aborted our baby. God never left me but I struggle with suicidal tendencies because I can't forgive myself. I keep fighting and pray one day I can be free.
At 33, my chronic health issues have me wanting to give up on my life. The fight is too hard to endure and I am tired.